Anodized titanium: what is it?

You have probably seen beautiful colored jewelry in fresh piercings. Anodized titanium is an electrolytic finishing process that manipulates the oxide layer on the surface of titanium via electric current. The titanium item forms the anode (positive electrode) of an electrolytic cell; hence the name “anodize.” Different voltages create different colors as you can see below.

anodized titanium colors
different anodized titanium colors

Is anodized titanium hypoallergenic?

Not all metals are safe for piercings because a lot of them contain nickel and there are many people who have a contact allergy to this metal. (Anodized) titanium however does not contain nickel. This is why we only use titanium! People worry when they see the colors of the metal. They immediately assume that it’s not safe to wear for fresh piercings. They tend to think it’s a type of plating but anodized metals don’t flake or peel. It hasn’t been dyed, plated or coated with any other substance. Even though there are other colors on the surface, the metal is still titanium.

Does the colour wear off?

 Anodized titanium is very stable and indoor or outdoor elements will not affect the finish. However, similar to a buffing wheel, friction with the body through every day use may wear out the anodized area over time.

The problem is common to any process that changes the natural color of the metal, such as oxidized sterling silver or gold plated metal. Rings pose the biggest risk because they are exposed to constant friction between the fingers. 

To prevent the anodized titanium from fading gently wipe the piece with a clean cloth after you wear it. You can store it in a plastic bag as a precaution to reduce exposure to the elements. You should try to avoid contact with harsh chemicals, like hairspray, perfume and bleach.

Anodized titanium for your fresh piercing

In our shop it is possible to get your piercing done with all the beautiful colors seen in the picture above. In our booking system you can select any color in our ‘extra’ section.


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