Tattoos for dark skin: frequently asked questions

Tattooing is becoming increasingly popular among each culture and ethnicity. However, tattoos for dark skin are still a controversial topic. There are still loads of myths and questions about tattooing people of color. Sometimes tattoos for dark skin are not done properly because of misinformation. There are a lot of stories about dark-skinned people not ending up with the tattoo they want. Since artists told them that it’s not possible for them. In this blog, we are answering the question what are the best tattoos for dark skin? Besides, what colors show best on dark skin and white ink on dark skin are discussed.

What colors show best on dark skin?

There are a lot of myths when it comes to finding the best tattoos for dark skin. The biggest one being that it’s not even possible! Skin tone can dilute or change the color of the pigment. This doesn’t necessarily mean that certain colors don’t show up on dark skin. Or that people with dark skin shouldn’t get color tattoos. The trick is color theory and undertones. Tattoos for dark skin need certain knowledge and experience. Artists should know what the undertone of their clients is. So they can have a clear picture of what colors on dark skink can be used. An artist might do a color test in a discrete area. Therefore they can see how colors come out on their clients’ skin.

Does dark skin tend to scar more easily when tattooed?

A very big misconception about tattoos for dark skin is that they would scar more easily. There is a reason for this myth. Some artists tend to overwork darker skin. Since colors don’t “pop” as much as they would do on lighter skin. Hence, artists damage the skin and leaving their clients with scars. That is why people of color need to do a little extra research. They should ask for the tattoos on dark skin that the artist has done. A good tip is to ask for healed dark skin tattoo work from their portfolio.

The use of white ink on dark skin:

You viewing the colors through the lens of the melanin in your skin. So that, white ink on darker skin might get a yellowish hue. Though even when it does, highlights in tattoos will make a tattoo look very distinct. It can even help separate dark lining from the skin. Thus, making it pop more.


• Colour tattoos are definitely possible for people of colour
• The colours that are best for your skin depends a lot on the under tone of your skin
• White highlights are the finishing touches in tattoos and shouldn’t be skipped on darker skin, though take into account that over time it might like a bit more yellowish
• Dark skin does not scar more easily during the tattoo process it all depends on your artist being able to work with your skin
• Do your research and ask artists for their portfolio

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